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Do I need to sit the LNAT?

You need to take the LNAT if you are applying for 2014 entry (or deferred entry in 2015) to any of the following UK undergraduate law programmes (listed by university and UCAS code). As well as taking the LNAT, you need to apply for your chosen programmes in the normal way. Sitting the LNAT does not constitute an application to any universities.

The LNAT must be taken by all applicants (UK, EU and overseas) to undergraduate law programmes at

(course codes M100, MR11, MR12, M1N1, M2L6)
(course codes M100, MR11, MR12)
(course codes M101, M102)
(course codes M114, M1R7, M1R1, M121, M1R2, M122, M1R3, M1M9, M1RR, M1R4, M123,  MN11, MN12, MV13, ML11, MQ13, MQ15, ML17, MV11, MV15, ML12, MR17)
(course codes M100, M121, M122, M190)
(course codes M100, M101, M1R1, M1R2)
(course codes M100, M190, M191, M192, M193, M194)

(course codes M100 LLB and all other combinations including Law. M102 LLB Senior Status does not require the LNAT)

(course codes M100, M101, M102, M141, M142, M144, M145, M146)

The following non-UK universities also rely on the LNAT under certain conditions. Please check with the universities directly for details.

(course codes MH115, MH406 and MH119) (mature entry only)
(choice of tests applies)


Candidates should not take the LNAT if applying to study law at non-LNAT-participating universities as they cannot access LNAT scores.

When do I take the LNAT?

If you are applying to study undergraduate law at the LNAT-participating universities you should aim to take the test as early in the academic year as possible for maximum choice of test venue and availability, and to meet admissions deadlines.

The LNAT must be taken in the UCAS year in which you are applying to university. You may only sit the test once in the cycle, and results cannot be carried over from one year to the next. You are advised to consult the individual university’s websites to check these deadlines.

Are there any exemptions from the LNAT?

There are no general exemptions. In extreme cases, an individual university may grant an exemption to an individual candidate. For example, if there is no test centre in your country, or if war or civil unrest or natural disaster makes it dangerous to reach a test centre before the deadline, or if your unplanned hospitalisation makes it impossible for you to attend at a test centre before the deadline, you should contact the LNAT-participating universities to which you have applied to ask if they will waive the LNAT requirement. This discretion will not be exercised in favour of candidates who miss a deadline by mistake (e.g. because they did not find out about the LNAT in time, or because they forgot to register). Please note that neither LNAT Consortium Ltd nor Pearson VUE can consider any applications for special exemption. Such applications must be directed to the universities concerned. Each university will make its own decisions. If you are applying to several LNAT-participating universities, you need to make a separate exemption application to all of them.”


Registration and booking will open on 1 August 2013. Click here for Timescales and Deadlines for entry into university in September 2014.

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